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Trailer Showdown: Surrogates vs. Real Surrogate
Written by Spling   
Tuesday, 24 November 2009 11:09


Surrogates stars Bruce Willis in his umpteenth Sci-Fi after such classics as The Fifth Element, Twelve Monkeys and... okay, Armageddon. As you can see, I use the terms Sci-Fi, classic and umpteenth quite loosely, but it's easy to see that while Willis has only starred in a few Sci-Fi films, they've all been entertaining and memorable.

This time he's playing Tom Greer, a guy playing himself, playing himself... Surrogates is based on the graphic novel Vicarious, which portrays a future where people are able to live life comfortably through their robot counterparts, which means longevity... even if you manage to wrap your robot around a bus. Just imagine a perfect blend of Minority Report, The Matrix and I, Robot with Bruce Willis in the mix.

Jonathan Mostow directs Surrogates... the name may ring a bell, he directed Breakdown and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which was basically T2 with a new skin. Surrogates has a slick, stylish feel reminiscent of Minority Report and will make you think twice about sending "the monkey", in this case a robot to do "the organ grinder's", in this case the human's work. Read it again... it's really not as sinister as it sounds.

So what about the plight of the real surrogate, the mother that has to spend 9 months harbouring someone else's child, only to be harvested? What's in it for her, and if you choose to employ a surrogate, how can you be sure she won't run away with your child, kidnap them when they're past all the growing pains or come back to stalk you and your family. You need a professional Surrogate... just like Dolores Santangeli.

This week's Trailer Showdown is between the official Surrogates HD trailer and the Professional Mother Surrogate for hire, Ms. Dolores Santangeli. Personally, I'd rather let Bruce Willis carry my baby on the set of Die Hard 5.



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