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Spling Who?

SplingStephen 'Spling' Aspeling has been a film fanatic since he first watched the psychedelic elephant dance from Dumbo in the early '80s and a movie critic since 2007. Check out his Top Ten Movies interview.

Spling's balanced perspective means that his taste in film caters for art house and commercial movies. Each movie is reviewed on its own merits, both in terms of entertainment and artistic appreciation.

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What's been said about Spling?

"Thought leader." - AFDA, Africa's leading Film, TV and Performance School

"Spling movie reviews are anyone in the know's first choice when it comes to movie reviews in South Africa." - Seth Rotherham, Founder & CEO, 2Oceansvibe Media

"Finally someone who's opinion I can trust and learn from." - Henk Pretorius, Director

"Spling is our go-to man for fresh movie reviews. He knows his stuff and we trust his reviews enough to go and spend money on the films he likes." - Mike Joubert, Editor TechSmart.co.za

"Spling is my favourite film critic." - Kevin Kriedemann, Writer/Publicist

"Spling always has something intelligently relevant and current to say and covers the important independent films and filmmakers and not just the obvious blockbusters." - Stelio Savante, Actor

"...South Africa's best movie critic, Spling." - Angelique Pretorius, Actress

"Spling is a friendly fountain of film knowledge..." "Our generation's Barry Ronge!" - Dylan & Simon, The Brothers Streep

"I am impressed with [Spling's] ability to distill the essence of a film." - Matthew Kalil, Author The Three Wells of Screenwriting