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New Rental Releases This Week (01/02/10)
Written by Spling   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 10:33

New DVD rental releases at DVBee this week:




GAMER (2009)
Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Starring: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Age Restriction: 16 LNSV

This high-intensity actioner from the team that brought you Crank and Crank: High Voltage is every "adult" gamer's kind of movie. Ultra-violence, half-naked babes, dark comedy and a storyline bridging the real with the unreal. It's a no holds barred, adrenalin junkie's fix and if you play your games 16+, this splatter-fest is guaranteed to entertain. Gamer is all about the style and action - so if you're looking for explosive Sci-Fi action, fire away - just remember to leave your brain on ice at the door.


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