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Lottery Numbers in Film: The Winning Numbers

Over the years, the life-changing thrill of the lottery has proved to be a rich source of material for Hollywood. There are dozens of blockbuster movies in which the lottery and its winners are central to the plot, with the winnings leading to a mixture of euphoria, comedy, and romance for those lucky players. If you're in need of some inspiration this holiday season when it comes to picking the right numbers, then this well-worn movie trope could provide the answers. Here are the winning numbers from the most iconic lottery movies in the history of cinema.

1. It Could Happen to You: 06, 12, 16, 27, 48, 64

This heartwarming 1994 film starring Nicholas Cage and Bridget Fonda is based on a real-life incident in which a down-at-heel NYPD officer splits his $4 million lottery winnings with a waitress who he met the day before the draw. In both the film and real life, the winner promised the waitress half of the winnings on a lottery ticket because he couldn't afford to tip her, making this heartwarming tale one of the most well-deserved lottery wins in history.

2. Lucky Numbers: 22, 70, 16, 9, 27, 07

Of all of the iconic lotto numbers from movies, this film might just be the most hilarious. Starring John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow, the plot centres around a sleazy TV anchorman who needs money after an insurance scam gone wrong. To get it, he and his girlfriend (played by Kudrow) conspire to rig the Pennsylvania State Lottery, successfully scooping the $6.4 million prize. Of course, things don't entirely go to plan, as hilarity and misfortune ensue.

3. Waking Ned Devine: 19, 40, 04, 07, 25, 29

This critically acclaimed comedy is set in a small village on the Isle of Man, wherein one of the 40 inhabitants has won €7 million on the Irish Lottery. While the inhabitants are jovial at first, jealousy soon sets in and a number of harebrained schemes to grab a slice of the winnings follow. The low-budget film was a surprise smash-hit, grossing over $55 million worldwide and inspiring a Bollywood spin-off.

4. The Lottery Ticket: 04, 32, 33, 42, 45, 21

This 2010 comedy starring Bow Wow and Ice Cube centres around what happens in a low-income community when a man finds himself with a winning ticket for $370 million. At first, everything seems to be going well, until the protagonist (played by Bow Wow) soon realizes that all of his so-called friends are only being nice to him as means of grabbing a slice of his winnings. While the subject matter is serious stuff, the execution is lighthearted and hilarious, with a killer soundtrack to boot.

5. Paycheck: 17, 44, 04, 26, 37, 70, 22

This mind-bending 2003 sci-fi flick starring Ben Affleck follows a reverse engineer who bends time and space in order to create successful inventions before the actual inventors think them up. While the lottery is not a central part of the movie, it becomes a central plot point towards the end. You won't find spoilers here, so go and watch it and see for yourself.

These classic lottery films may be (mostly) fictional, but the numbers might transpire to some real-life winnings. Perhaps consider these if you're hoping for a big payday this Christmas.