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Nu Metro Cinemas

The Low Down

Nu Metro is renowned for its host of cinemas around South Africa. They run commercial cinemas with an array of cinema technology including 3D, 4DX, Scene Xtreme and Scene VIP, which also cater for specific art house film releases. A standard 2D ticket costs R95, if you don't have a qualifying membership card for a discount or attend a discounted Wowza Wednesday screening at R65. They accept bookings online at Nu Metro's website here.

How to Book Movie Tickets

Nu Metro accept online credit card bookings, which can be collected by simply swiping your card at their interactive movie terminals. You can also use your debit card or credit card to purchase tickets from these terminals located in most Nu Metro cinema complexes. If in doubt, just get your tickets the old-fashioned way by queuing at the box office.

Movie Club Discounts

Members of Momentum Multiply's Wellness Programme, Absa Rewards, Nedbank or Sanlam Reality are entitled to discounts with standard 2D tickets starting from R35 depending on your programme, level and status. Movie tickets are reduced to R65 per ticket on Woza Wednesdays. However, if you watch on any other day and don't belong to a benefit club, you should expect to pay about R160 per person for a standard ticket, Coke and a popcorn.

Special Features

When it comes to cinema features, Nu Metro host Girls' Night Out, 3D, Comedy, Ballet, Opera and film festivals. Their latest offering includes: Scene Xtreme and Scene VIP at select cinemas. 4DX cinemas make films feel like roller-coaster rides with environmental effects to enhance the cinematic experience. Moving seats, wind, rain, fog, lights and scents accompany the audio-visual presentation for a pretty wild movie night. Scene Xtreme boasts high-end laser projection, Dolby Atmos sound and RealD's precision white screen technology. Tickets to 3D shows cost R115 and you'll have to pay an additional fee for a pair of 3D glasses if you don't bring your own. Girls' Night Out features previews of upcoming films and as the title suggests, it's intended for women only.

Various annual film festivals are hosted frequently and feature top quality foreign and yet-to-be-released films. You can enjoy a luxury cinema experience for R175 in their VIP cinemas, which include: plush seating, more space, less seats, a bar and snack options.

Popcorn & Refreshments

Confectionery stand prices are still relatively expensive even with combo deals, and you're only allowed to consume snacks or drinks purchased at the Nu Metro kiosk.

Cheats & Tips

Join a partner programme such as Momentum Multiply, Absa Rewards, Nedbank or Sanlam Reality. This will put at least a dent in those movie prices, making it easier for you to go to the movies whenever you get a chance. If you're on a budget, sharing a large popcorn and Coke with your movie buddy usually does the trick.