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Morning Glory
Genre Comedy

(What's the Story) Morning Glory? was an Oasis album toting the smash hit, Wonderwall. Morning Glory: What's the Story? is a movie starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Lane. The "clever" reworking of the Oasis album title makes a much more interesting title than Daybreak, which is the actual name of the morning show concerned in Morning Glory.

There was a morning show called Morning Glory on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, but it only lasted 2 weeks. The term references a number of different meanings, from a species of flowers, a rare defect of the optic nerve and even a few song titles. However, the slang meaning is probably what they were referring to - described by Wikipedia as "Noctural penile tumescence", or to use another slang term - waking up with a stiffy.

Morning shows often feature news, interviews, cooking, personalities and any other trivial curiosities to peak your interest while you're still rubbing the gunk out of your eyes. Yep, these folks are paid to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before you are and while we think waking up at that unearthly hour to catch them all suited up is bad, they've got to catch a wake up call even earlier! Work, Hell... whatever they call it, it happens every weekday and if you're not a morning person, you're out faster than you can smash an alarm clock.

Morning Glory follows a young television producer who lands a challenging job at a flagging morning show called Daybreak. Her mission is to revive the show, improve the ratings and keep Daybreak and her two co-anchors from breaking. It's the sort of lightweight, affable stuff of morning shows - entertaining, curious and easy-to-follow as our little girl in the big city learns how to get the best out of her cohorts.

Rachel McAdams is perfect for the role, something of a fluffier The Devil Wears Prada or less gender-conscious The Ugly Truth kind of movie. McAdams is an accomplished actress, likable and it's fun seeing her grapple with the difficult star personalities around her. Imagine that short bit in Bridget Jones's Diary, where she's reporting as a sky diver and you'll get the gist of Morning Glory. It goes down as easily as that first cup of coffee in the morning with a strong taste, plenty of froth and a warm afterglow.

Harrison Ford and Diane Lane lend their ample star power to Morning Glory as the co-hosts, a duo made famous for behind-the-scenes comedy by movies like Anchorman and The Ugly Truth. The bickering off-air, the bad attitudes and ridiculous demands are almost on par with a David Lynch film for the dark irony of what lies beneath the charming exteriors. Morning show hosts are notoriously chipper, which makes casting Harrison Ford as a grouch even more amusing for fans of the actor.

Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Wilson also feature... but their roles and the whole movie is rather forgettable in the grand scheme of things. Just like morning glory, you'll definitely remember the good feeling you experienced, but it's fleeting and before you know it... you'll be experiencing it all over again. It's funny how some six-out-of-ten movies are the most rewatchable. Morning Glory is one of them, backed by a quality ensemble, a sweetheart story, feel good vibrations and frothy lightweight comedy.

Describing Morning Glory as "pleasant" would be an insult to the entire production, but apart from a couple of curse words, a suggestive title, several hundred IBS logos and some hissy fits... there's very little that's offensive in Morning Glory. If you're looking for a great little date movie or popcorn flick to soak up a good hour or two - you can't go wrong with Morning Glory and a bit of entertaining escapism.

The bottom line: Breezy.

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