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Mirror Mirror
Genre Fantasy

Mirror Mirror is a re-imagining of the fairy tale classic Snow White. The comedy fantasy stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer with Nathan Lane and is directed by Tarsem Singh, best known for Immortals. This is the first of two Snow White inspired films for 2012 with Snow White and the Huntsman scheduled for later this year.

Singh's recent Greek action epic Immortals was a dazzling spectacle, but lacked in performance and storytelling. Sadly, the same is true of Mirror Mirror. While it boasts a talented ensemble of newcomers in Lily Collins and Armie Hammer, and more experienced actors in Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane, it fails to enchant its audience with any real substance.

Lack-lustre comedy and a pronounced lack of sparkle for a comical fantasy leaves a very unnecessary adaptation in Mirror Mirror. Julia Roberts is cast as the Queen and delivers a restrained performance in a role that lacks in confidence and required more Cruella de Ville. Armie Hammer is the handsome Prince Alcott, delivering a fun performance reminiscent of a young Brendan Fraser. Lily Collins does her bit as Snow White, while Nathan Lane wrings the script for some much-needed comedy.

In an effort to make Mirror Mirror magical, the film-makers have overstepped the mark on several occasions. Casting real dwarves to play the seven dwarves added realism, but putting the characters on concertina stilts with full-size stunt doubles just reverses the desired effect. While adding some gross out humour to the Queen's beauty treatment comes off as nothing more than a cheap trick.

One gets the impression that while the motives were admirable, this film production was a misfire from the get-go. The special effects are inconsistent and without a truly charming performance to lean on, it just feels phony, like going to a fancy dress party at a stranger's home. The eye candy is fleeting, the jokes are few and far between and the lack of sparkle wears thin in this stop-start fairy tale.

The bottom line: Disappointing

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