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Liar Liar
Genre Comedy
Year: 1997
Liar Liar is straight from the same duo that brought you Ace Ventura. Tom Shadyac is behind camera, and Jim Carrey is in front. The two have a great understanding, trust and respect for one another. Tom allows Jim the space to go ballistic as only Jim knows how, and Jim doesn’t want to disappoint his esteemed pal.

Liar Liar tells the story of how a little boy’s birthday wish comes true. The little boy happens to be Fletcher Reede’s son, and his wish… is that his dad wouldn’t lie for 24 hours. Max is upset by his father’s broken promises, and he only wants to see his dad without feeling let down. Through some miracle his wish is granted, and now Fletcher who’s trying to make partner at his law firm is going to have a tough time winning his oh-so important infidelity case. Will Fletcher ever learn? Through a series of over-the-top, but winning theatrical endeavours Fletcher finally comes to terms with the truth. But how will he ever win his son’s love and respect again?

The story is light-hearted, sweet and disarming. Justin Cooper’s warm, loving and melancholic performance as Max is admirable. Cary Elwes (Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Princess Bride) plays the nice guy and Mom’s new boyfriend, Jerry. We learn that Jerry simply can’t substitute Max’s real Dad, and that Audrey (Maura Tierney) still loves him despite his repeated disappointments. It’s up to Fletcher to win the case, restore the faith and become a better person for it.

You’ll enjoy the story, Carrey’s outrageous comic antics and the way it catches up with you in the end. Liar Liar is Jim Carrey without any special effects, he has his own hair and doesn’t don the green face. It’s actually extraordinary watching Carrey unleashed. He’s as adaptable as a comic book character, whether he’s unzipping himself out of a duffel bag, beating himself up or trying to eat his words before he utters them. It’s real comic genius, and Carrey loves every minute of it. Many scenes had to be redone because the actors were laughing too much.

Carrey’s the sort of joker that lives for funny. He’s demonstrated his versatility in films like The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it’s his wacky and outrageous characters that have come to define him over the years. He’s one of Hollywood’s finest with an acting range that could only be described as bipolar. In fact, he declined the role of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery just to focus on his role as Fletcher. A choice that probably worked out better for Mike Myers in the end. The last I heard Carrey was raking in a salary of about $25 Million per film. It’s not a lie, the man draws audiences and steals the show everytime. Each of them memorable, each of them stamped with his fingerprint of original, unforgettable comedy.

It’s a fun, fantasy comedy packed with laughs, and swathed with an overriding theme and message. Don’t lie! When honesty catches up with us, we’ve only got ourselves to blame. So if you want to see Jim Carrey in top form, with support from a talented cast and production team, then Liar Liar will make that night in really worthwhile.

The bottom line: Funny.

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