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Knockaround Guys
Genre Comedy
Year: 2001
Knockaround Guys has a great cast including John Malkovich, Vin Diesel, Seth Green and Dennis Hopper. But what makes this film with great potential so raw and lame? The plot seemed viable, the actors were of a high calibre - but where was the magic?

Knockaround Guys is the story of mafia bosses. More importantly, it’s about their sons. They say you can’t choose your family, and for a crime lord’s son - life can be difficult. I’m not talking about being lynched by the rival family, but living a normal life. Getting a job, settling down and being normal. Four mobster sons find themselves in a fix, when a bag of cash goes missing in a small town. Now they’ve got to retrieve the bag, try to keep a low profile and avoid the corrupt town Sheriff as best they can. Problem is - how do you hide four new-comers that look like trouble?

The film kicked off in full-swing. Although entertaining at times, it seemed to run out of steam in the last quarter. Quite difficult for films that don’t even run 90 minutes. The jilted plot and wind down may be from the lack of experience in directing from the directors: Koppelman and Levien. They are known as writers, but not directors. Perhaps a more experienced director would’ve been able to add that extra spark into a well-conceived story.

Things don’t go as planned in the story, and the same can be said for the final production. It is intentionally funny at times, and there are some good moments - but the whole outfit doesn’t really pull together. The lack of consistency and wavering interest in finding the bag make for a mediocre movie. Perhaps there would’ve been more interest if the audience was not made aware of the bag’s finder so soon?

It’s lack-lustre entertainment, even for fans of the main stars. If you want a mobster comedy, rather go for Analyze This with Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro. However, if you have no choice in the matter, break out the popcorn and be careful not to snort or choke on the kernels.

The bottom line: Mediocre.

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