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Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience
Genre Music
Year: 2009

The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience is to tween girls today, what the Beatles were to teen girls in the ’60s. They’re worshiped, adored and treated like idols to the point of hilarity. Girls between the ages of 9 and 15 cry, swoon and revolt in the hopes of touching or getting a glimpse from their precious Jonas Brothers. It’s not New Year’s eve, but it sure looks like it when the Jonas Brothers arrive to “purchase” their first copies of their new album. They’re young, confident and full of enthusiasm, doing high kicks, backward flips and belting out their pop rock classics. This is what Mom’s only dream of… their kids are now able to feel like they’re at the concert without pushing, shoving, mosh-pits or exposure to drugs etc. They’re all tucked safely in their seats and don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for admission… plus they get to hang onto the “cool” 3D glasses. The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert of their Burning Up Tour is a dream come true for tweens. They get to see their teen idols in larger-than-life 3D quality and can get a good feel for what it would’ve been like to be there.

The Jonas Brothers are natural entertainers and fireworks, high-rise pillars, foam hoses and guest appearances are the norm. These guys are jack-in-the-boxes and you can see why kids are prepared to camp out on New York streets for 72 hours just to get a front-of-house position. The concert is loaded with girls, who sing-along or scream throughout the show. These teen idol war cries tend to drown out the music at some points, and its difficult to get the lyrics at times. Although that’s pretty standard for most concerts. The Jonas Brothers are very talented boys, who can compose lyrics and play instruments better than the Hanson brothers ever could. They’re backed by a string ensemble, drums and rhythm/bass guitarists. The sound is big and it’s as loud as a real concert. The 3D effects manage to give perspective from behind the glowing sticks and cameras in the crowd. This is its main benefit as the concert doesn’t really have any gimmicky out of screen shots. Joe Jonas throws his sunglasses toward the camera and there are one or two other noticeable pick or microphone extensions, however the 3D effect seems under-utilised.

Disney’s main objective in creating this 3D experience is in creating a safe space for tweens and their parents to “attend” concerts. The whole concept is brilliant as The Jonas Brothers tour the world in full 3D force without flying a mile. The viewership stats give them valuable feedback on where their international hot spots are located, and they can follow the concert up with a live tour if necessary. Watch the concert, buy the new album, buy the concert DVD… the whole process is well-oiled. The Jonas Brothers make an entertaining concert, which will be bearable for adults and jaw-dropping for kids. Every three songs is punctuated with some behind-the-scenes footage of the band on parade, and the Jonas Brothers Concert includes their 3D music video. The sum total of all of these inserts is 76 minutes, so this should hold your child’s attention to the very end. You don’t have to be a fan to see that these guys have got talent. For kids… unmissable, for adults… arm yourself with a tween if you really have to. Be warned, there will be lots of jumping, singing and flailing of arms - so it may just turn into a mosh-pit after all. Get your child to wear red and wait till after the credits for a little bonus scene.

The bottom line: Slick.

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