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He Was A Quiet Man
Genre Drama
Year: 2007

He Was A Quiet Man is different from most Hollywood movies. Different is good in this case, as Christian Slater takes on the role of Milton from Office Space. He’s the overlooked, bullied and quiet office worker, who is both irrelevant and indistinct. His lonely existence and monotonous work schedule leave a hollow soul, twisted by insignificance. This is Bob Maconel (Slater), a compassionate man, whose repressed anger and isolation makes him a threat to the company. He’s had enough and wants to go down in a blaze of terror. Just as he’s readying the handgun, another burnt out “Maconel” starts his killing spree. Maconel argues with the man and ends up shooting him.

This moment starts a series of events that change Maconel from Public Enemy #1 to local hero. However, folk hero fame, good fortune and consequence can be as fleeting as a memory. Writer-director Frank A. Capello wrote Constantine and directed No Way Back with Russell Crowe, and American Yakuza, starring Viggo Mortensen. His film credits span two decades, but he marks his return to directing with the thought-provoking and unpredictable He Was A Quiet Man.

The film is characterised by fantastic performances by Slater, Cuthbert and Macy. Slater is almost unrecognisable as Maconel in a redefining cinematic appearance. Cuthbert is superb as Venessa Parks and William H. Macy owns the part of Gene Shelby. The film is best described as a mixture between Office Space, Amelie, The Apartment and Falling Down. He Was A Quiet Man has the same scenario as Office Space with similar open plan office sets, the intrigue and fantasy realism of Amelie, the uncategorical appeal of The Apartment and the nervous-yet-violent breakdown of an ordinary man/office worker. Capello creates a taut emotional journey filled with terrific performances and indelible scenes.

The movie has accents from The Apartment as it slices through genre and emotion. The film is rivetting, but doesn’t ever allow its audience to slip into complacency. This is a director that likes to hit the nail on the head literally, and a fairly simple plot is conveyed with style and imagination. The narrative does spiral a little out of control toward the end and the film contains unnecessary blasphemy. Office worker violence is becoming a phenomenon in the United States and this movie tackles the issue head on. This film is not for the faint-hearted and is like dancing with a heavy-footed monster. The film had a limited release, but will knock you backwards.

The bottom line: Disquietening.

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