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Because I Said So...
Genre Romance
Year: 2006
Because I Said So has got to be one of the most irritating films I have ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I generally enjoy most light-hearted romantic comedies, but this movie ruined my good track record. It isn’t warm, it isn’t loving, it isn’t funny - all the traits you look for in a good “romcom”.

Before leaving the cinema, I described it as a hedonistic, kitsch, family edition of Sex in the City. What I forgot to add was that it was full of deception, lies with an overriding irritability factor. Why was it irritating? Well, the characters were not convincing. Diane Keaton, who I admire for roles in Something’s Gotta Give, was the main driving force behind all of this mish-mash. Mandy Moore was excellent as her “mother’s” understudy, and after not being able to find the right guy, ends up doing exactly what she hates to two new prospects. Her mother is the instigator, and after setting up an online advert, screens a number of hopefuls. The basic storyline sounds like it could make quite an entertaining piece, but it isn’t.

Because I Said So is a film that paints a very sad world for the characters. They seem to purport that women need husbands that can calm them down? The nervous, frenetic, irritating and over-the-top characters seem to live in a place where consequences are tomorrow’s problem and control is everything. Control is a major theme in this film that hits the point home from the title to every character. They’re all trying to live each other’s lives. Control freaks, neurotic acting, terrible costumes, uninspiring direction, poor transitions and cynical themes dominate a film that is rarely funny, and often crass. Michael Lehmann directs, but it seems he’s more comfortable with TV direction.

Don’t even think about seeing this on a date. It’ll probably ruin any chances of forming something meaningful. If you had control freak parents, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to relive the “good” times. They call them helicopter parents … always hovering. The Heinz Winkler look-a-like (Gabriel Macht) is the pick of the litter when it comes to representing a hint of normality. It’s a horrible chick flick trying to pose as a romantic comedy. The problem is that there’s nothing romantic or funny about it. It really doesn’t do anything for cinema, besides serve as a bad day for Diane Keaton and cast. This movie has a negative perspective on humanity, and portrays everyone as insecure, nervous, controlling and manipulative wrecks.

It’s a struggle sitting through all 102 minutes, and at times you just want to tell the actors to shut-up already. The sexual content expressed in dialogue between mother and daughter, partial nudity and mature themes doesn’t help matters. Because I Said So is the biggest romantic comedy flop in years, and I hope I was able to warn you in time. Don’t see it, because I said so (irritating isn’t it?). I’d rather be poked in the eye, than see something like this again.

The bottom line: Insufferable.

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