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SUPP - The Home of SA's Short Films

It is an unfriendly world out there for new creative voices. A lot of things have to go right for a creator, regardless of how talented they may be, to make it. They've got to create, with whatever is at their disposal, for their potential to be recognized. To be seen and given the opportunities they require to entertain, inspire, educate, whatever it may be, takes more now then ever, most especially because of the sheer volume of content being put out there every day. The tools of communication, which should simplify the discovery process, instead have developed a never-ending stream of work, clogging up the system and making the distance between prospective film-makers, watchers, collaborators and backers more pronounced then they have been in the past. The already successful is given the luck of the algorithmic draw, and homogenic, easy to digest culture is favored for promotion online. There is too much noise. How do you, as a South African with something to offer, or looking for a talent to support, know where to begin?


Well, some entrepreneurial spirits have made an exciting solution, built for the growth and discovery of local talent through showcasing short films from South Africa. SUPP is a unique streaming platform, made with the desire to provide local artists with a platform for their work, and an opportunity to earn revenue from their productions. Projects and filmmakers are curated, with the SUPP team selecting "the best productions to ensure SUPP becomes your favourite place to hang out." Far from being just another host for content, this is an all-in-one stop for viewing, supporting, contributing, and connecting between audiences, talent, and financiers.

If your work cuts the mustard, uploading your short to the network is free, and so is becoming a member. Each time your film is watched, you'll earn revenue. Members receive a personal dashboard keeping track of their films' status, views, performance and revenue. You can submit as many films as you like.

If you haven't got a film in the bag yet, and are in need of collaborators to bolster your production, why not join or browse SUPP's Skills Database, spotlighting industry artists whose profiles list their “skills, successes and social media links”. Got a script, but not sure how to reach higher ups? There are already 52 producers on SUPP.

Not a creator? Maybe you're in a position to help out some deserving entertainers but aren't in the industry (or looking to enter it). You can provide funding to projects currently in development by browsing their crowdfunding page for films that catch your eye.

And if you're just looking to enjoy homegrown shorts, knowing that you'll be upholding local creatives, you can contribute simply as a viewer. Art is meant to be seen, and rather than clicking on the occasional link to a local production, why not help fund the platform, collectively supporting all members, and become a champion for SA talent. You can select how much you'd like to contribute, starting at R29, up to R129, and gain access to every short streaming on SUPP.

The SUPP App is available now on Google Play. This platform has a great deal of potential, and it is now up to South Africans to decide whether or not they can carve out some support for their own.