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Spling Launches New Screenplay Service - reviewmyscript.com

Spling has been told by directors that they wish they had his review when they still had an opportunity to make changes. He's been approached by screenwriters and film-makers to provide feedback from the second draft to the first edit. Having years of experience in reviewing in what's been described as a "deep-dive" format, he's been able to offer insights and distil the essence of a film. This is where he derived the idea for reviewmyscript.com, the desire to assist screenwriters and ultimately directors achieve their vision by starting with the all-important foundation of any film, the script.

Spling has teamed up with The Three Wells of Screenwriting author/screenwriting coach, Matthew Kalil, and experienced actress/producer, Angelique Pretorius. Together they've crafted a unique set of screenwriting services that will help writers get a constructive outsider's perspective, overcome writer's block, breathe life into their screenplay and even have a professional and independent review to punt their polished final product to prospective film-making partners, producers and film studios.

By projecting the screenplay into realisation in his mind, Spling is able to imagine the screenwriter's work as if it were playing on the screen and offer feedback on where and how it could be improved. Praising the good, identifying the issues and detailing this in a comprehensive review will help you improve your script, leverage your work and create a number of compelling reasons as to why your screenplay deserves to make the leap to the silver screen.

Other useful and unique screenwriting services on offer include: The Three Wells Analysis, radio plays, live table reads, script editing and script walks. Visit us at reviewmyscript.com for more information on how we can tailor a solution to take your screenplay to the next level.