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Hot New Trailers - May 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road
May 2015

If Mad Max: Fury Road is going to be the success we hope it will be, the auteurs that put together the trailers for the new movie must receive a bonus. The final trailer has been released, this one showcasing Charlize"Lefty" Theron delivering a truckload of petrol to some kind gentlemen on motorbikes. Fury Road is directed by George Miller who handled the original Mad Max movies, subsequently also being responsible for action classics such as Happy Feet and Babe: Pig in City.

Best bit: Everything from where the song kicks in at 1:01.

Attack on Titan
August 2015 (Japan)

Attack on Titan will be all too familiar with anime fans, as the manga turned animated series has garnered an almost cult like following over the past two years. We were first teased glimpses for the live action movie version a couple of months ago, and now it seems like its official unveiling in its native Japan is drawing closer. We're not too sure how close to the original manga this movie will be, but we're hoping to see the main protagonist Eren Jaeger even the odds.

Best bit: 0:35 as the colossal Titan makes his first appearance.

Ted 2 (NSFW)
June in the States

From the filthy but oh-so funny mind of Seth MacFarlane comes Ted 2. If you haven't had your fill of the cute and loveable teddy bear from the first movie, Ted 2 should prove to be the perfect day out for you and the kids, telling the story of Ted struggling valiantly for his right to personhood. Actually, lock the kids up, even for the trailer, since it's highly NSFW. Watch out for Morgan Freeman starring, while Liam Neeson also makes an appearance in the flick.

Best bit: Ted accusing a young lawyer of singing Frozen songs at 2:00.

The Visit
September 2015 (United Kingdom)

What ever happened to M. Night Shyamalan? Nope, not hiding after the horrible The Last Airbender, but working hard on new horror The Visit. The film essentially follows two young kids on a stayover at their grandparents. Everything's hunky dory till 9:30 pm when the kids are told to stay in their room, soon realising that granny isn't well. Will The Visit mark a return to form for embattled Shyamalan, doing what he does best by scaring us to bits? Check the trailer to see if that's to be the case.

Best bit: 0:51 as the first night's sleep gets interrupted.

Black Mass
September in the States

Sometimes, giving away an old family secret recipe can land you in a heap of trouble. This is the narrative behind the trailer for Black Mass, a new crime thriller based on the life of infamous violent crime boss Whitey Bulger. Bulger is played by Johnny Depp, which seems to have dropped his madcap-deranged-crazy-person act for a deranged-crazy-criminal one. We also get one shot of Barbecue Cabbagepatch as his brother, state senator Billy Bulger. Depp actually looks on song, so Black Mass might just be worth it.

Best bit: 0:45 when the conversation turns ugly.

June 2015 (Australia)

If you don't know it already, the trailer for Strangerland proves that the Australian Outback is a pretty rough place. The movie sees Nicole Kidman return to her native Australia as a mother (Catherine Parker) whose two children disappear. Jokes about dingos aside, the event dredges up a dark past, that Parker has tried to keep hidden from the quiet rural town she lives in. Roping in the talents of fellow Aussie actor Hugo Weaving,Strangerland shows what happens when good parenting goes amiss.

Best bit: 0:47 when Kidman receives a worrying phone call.  

The Overnight
June 2015

Meeting new friends can be difficult in a new city, so when happy couple Alex and Emily meet Kurt and Charlotte, they are all but happy to accept a play date for their kid. Turns out, the raunchy Kurt and Charlotte also want to play. With the awesome Jason Schwartzman (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) starring, The Overnight should be a safe bet if you're into off-kilter comedies.

Best bit: 1:19 when Charlotte's acting abilities get displayed.

This article first appeared at Techsmart.co.za.