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Spling has been a film critic since 2007. Over the years, he's reviewed a few thousand films here, via his Talking Movies show on Fine Music Radio, through his weekly 2Oceansvibe.com feature and on other outlets. Having over a decade of review experience, forcing him to see films from a viewer's perspective as well as trying to unpack the filmmaker's journey, he's developed some fine-tuned skills when it comes to analysis and comprehension.

His insightful reviews have led a number of directors to come to rely on his advice from the pitching process to first edit. Getting a film review and criticism of your work can be tough when you've dedicated so much time and effort into your production. The audience sees the final product and isn't privy to the hard work behind-the-scenes, the insurmountable problems, budget issues and even dealing with difficult cast or crew members. What ends up on screen is often a labour of love, exacerbated by things that couldn't be avoided.


What's most frustrating for directors is to read a review with insights or information that could have improved their product when they still had a chance to make changes. Spling has been called in to consult on a number of projects. Offering his valuable insights before the screenplay was finalised or the final cut was locked and loaded, this has helped filmmakers polish their film, enrich their vision and reach the production's full potential.

Sometimes a small shift of perspective can make a huge difference. When you're so invested in a project, you can toil with it so much that you get too close to make objective decisions that can be best for the overall film. Getting an independent and trusted advisor to make suggestions or offer constructive criticism can unlock character or story problems. Having a film professional like Spling to provide these insights means you're essentially getting a review before critics have a chance to heap praise or shred your movie.

This is what launched reviewmyscript.com, a screenplay consultancy that provides screenwriters and filmmakers valuable insights and feedback from experienced film people. Having someone to identify key issues, discuss possible changes with and offer a level of guidance can turn average into good and good into great.

Reviewmyscript.com grapples with the screenwriter's journey at any stage of development. Reading the screenplay as if watching the production, you can get a review of your screenplay as if it was a full-fledged production. This can prove to be invaluable in the pitching process, being able to reference a review and possibly help financiers get a proper handle on what you're actually asking them to create.

Besides a review, we can help prepare marketing materials to combine with your pitch, offer consultation services, do script walk discussions over a coffee, perform a Three Wells analysis, create a radio play version of your screenplay or meet for more in-depth analysis. Reviewmyscript.com may be a small consultancy but this means we can offer personal service. The company has only been around for 2 years but has already advised on a film that was submitted for selection in 'Best International Feature' category of the Academy Awards.

While Spling's focus and expertise is in film, the medium is comprised of many different disciplines. Spling has advertising industry experience and has advised on an array of copy and creative media projects. Whether you're writing a novel, preparing to shoot a music video or crafting a media campaign... why not get in touch to see how Spling can help you reach your full potential.