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Creatives, Pitch Your Cool Movie Idea to Sharlto Copley...

Sharlto Copley, the South African actor best known for his portrayal of Wicus van der Merwe, the lead in District 9 and as Howling Mad Murdock in the The A-Team, is also a producer. The international cult legend has spawned a horde of followers after his two iconic performances, but now he wants to know what other roles you can imagine him in.

In a message (below) on his website, Copley has opened the doors for submissions from you... (yes, you) - to submit your "original ideas; ideas in the form of a film/tv concept, scripts, animations, artworks, books, comic books and short films with interesting characters I could portray". The actor and producer is using his website, SharltoCopley.com to field submissions and is using this as an opportunity to give would-be creative talents an opportunity to break into the film industry.