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Book Review: The Three Wells of Screenwriting - Matthew Kalil

three wells of screenwritingMatthew Kalil's The Three Wells of Screenwriting is a game-changing self-exploration and fresh perspective for budding to experienced writers. Identifying three sources of writing inspiration, namely: Imagination, Memory and External Sources, Kalil sets about re-organising the tools at the disposal of the writer. By understanding these three springs of inspiration, the writer is able to channel their imagination, access dormant emotions or memories and an array of experiences to hone their craft. Great screenwriting requires a balance of these three foundational inspirations and Kalil's able to activate these three channels, taking his own advice in the process.

By acknowledging, understanding and identifying the sources, one is able to use each perspective to self-analyse one's writing, to rewrite with more purpose and in some cases to cure writers block. Tapping into one's imagination, memory bank or trove of pop culture is empowering, and Kalil is able to plumb the depths of the mind to activate secret weapons: motivating writers to realise their true potential, coaching them to better utilise their unique frame of reference and training them to leverage experiential knowledge to aid their writing. Through carefully laid out and fun writing exercises, one is able to apply his principles, using techniques to open the floodgates of creativity and mining parts of the mind that seemed abandoned.

Through inspirational quotes, classic movie references, honest sharing and referring back to knowledge gleaned from conducting screenwriting and acting workshops, he unfurls great wisdom and many critical teachings in an accessible and entertaining manner. Using his insights, gathered over more than two decades of industry experience and coaching, he's perfectly poised to motivate screenwriters to up their game, reposition their craft and stretch their boundaries with some challenging and honest advice.

The Three Wells of Screenwriting is an excellent filter to prepare for writing and rewriting, and serves as a wonderful source of inspiration worth revisiting. In addition to acquainting us with the concept of The Three Wells, Matthew Kalil shares a number of insider tips on the writing process, visualisation, testing a scene by acting it out and creating a much richer canvas for the story to unfold. While geared toward screenwriting, The Three Wells of Screenwriting is a worthwhile read for any creative writing process or conceptualisation. Whether you're writing a novel, screenplay or just wanting to stretch your imagination or memory recall, you will find The Three Wells of Screenwriting a valuable resource and an empowering read. (Read sample, ISBN: 978-1615932863)