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Top Ten Movies with... Roxy Davis

Roxy Davis is a seven times South African Surfing Champion. Born in Cape Town and raised in the coastal suburb of Kommetjie, her life's always been characterised by a zest for adventure. While she loves being in the water and doing everything from SUP to wake-boarding, she's achieved academic qualifications, including an Honours degree in Psychology and Communication with a special focus on Sports Psychology. She's also a qualified Chef, having studied the craft at Silwood Kitchen and used her skills on a Surf Charter Yacht in Indonesia in 2001, where she was able to surf 9 hours a day!

In 2002, she founded her Surf School, moving swiftly from an umbrella on the beach to a prominent beachfront store at the famous Surfer's Corner in Muizenberg. Moving from 40 girls to 200 girls in the first programme intake, the Roxy Surf Club grew with the support of the Roxy Brand and by 2007, it became a surf store with brands like Roxy and Quiksilver. It's culminated in the Surf Emporium, which houses both the retail and surf school, one of the few accredited with Surfing South Africa having taught well over 30,000 people.

When Roxy's not surfing in competitions around the country and world, she's journaling her experiences. She was involved in the editorial development of the empowering, free-thinking teen magazine, Salt Water Girl, and became Regional Editor. She currently writes a surf-orientated column for The Times newspaper. Being a mom, a business owner and a surfing champion... we were lucky enough to get her Top Ten Movies interview.

"She doesn’t conform to what the world wants her to be. [on Drew Barrymore]"

I can't watch movies without...

- Salted popcorn and a big Coke Zero… it’s a tradition.

Which famous people share your birthday?

- Wow, so I have never even checked…let me check quick… okay so Kirsten Dunst, she's awesome, Mary II... served as queen of England, Scotland and Ireland (1689–94), and was the wife of King William III. Oh, and Guy Fawkes born in 1570, who plotted to blow-up the English Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot. (13 April)

What is the first film you remember watching?

- The Neverending Story… and I actually believed it would be about a movie that never ended. I also remember Beetlejuice … and Honey I Shrunk the Kids, …oh and Ghostbusters….and Edward Scissorhands.

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

- There was a spoof we watched the other day actually…. such a waste of time, we nearly walked out of the movie house but stayed as we were not sure if it was a joke or not! Worst waste of time ever… Kingsman - The Secret Service. Oh yes there was one worse… we watched it at the cinema and it had an intermission… it was a number of scenes with one actor... trying to remember its name.

Which movies have made you tearful?

- City of Angels and Theory of Everything… both were not just teary, but more like massive sobs and plenty of crying!

Who is the most famous movie star you've ever met?

- I haven't met any movie stars yet! Just got back from Hollywood this week and kept my eyes peeled but no such luck.

What's your favourite movie line?

- “I’ll be back”… just kidding… City of Angels – Seth ~ “I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One.”

Who would you choose to play you in your biopic?

- Drew Barrymore, she's quirky and sometimes misunderstood. She doesn’t conform to what the world wants her to be.

If you could produce a movie, what would it be about?

- It would be a romantic action thriller with Morgan Freeman and Rene Zellweger!

Finally, your top ten movies of all-time...

- Love, Actually ...I loved the cast - great humour and so festive! The ultimate feel good movie!

- Bridget Jones's Diary ...it felt real, and wasn’t a “special effects” movie . She is an amazing actress too. It had love, cute guys and a great story.

- Forrest Gump ... it just tugged on all of my heart strings

- Sherlock Holmes ...with Robert Downy Jr. was incredible….it was jam-packed with action and fantastic Hollywood special effects.

- Notting Hill ...yes, another love story - Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant were the perfect fit!

- The Notebook ...it was real and a whirlwind of emotions... such a chick flick!

- Ocean's Eleven ...it was funny and entertaining, a real light-hearted "non-thinking" movie. The characters are so unique, but blended really well.

- The Lion King ...I loved this movie when I was a child and it's still so relevant. I now watch it with our son and it's also one of his favourite films.

- There's Something About Mary ...Cameron Diaz had me in stitches!

- Along Came A Spider ...this was a film that had so many twists, I never knew what was going to come next!

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