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Star Trek

In one of Mankind's greatest FAILS, Star Fleet Command forgot to add toilets when they designed their Starships, resulting in urgent bathroom queues at every interplanetary filling station between Earth and Andromeda, as well as giving rise to multiple one-liners about the size of Vulcan bladders.
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New Rental Releases This Week (09/08/10)

New DVD rental releases at DVBee this week:

Date Night!


Date Night Movie PosterDATE NIGHT (2010)
Director: Shawn Levy
Starring: Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg, Taraji P. Henson
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Romance
Age Restriction: 13PG L

The one night a week married couples get to do something special will never be the same again... that is of course if you choose to make your date night staying in and watching Date Night. This hilarious comedy crime caper is brought to you by Night at the Museum director, Shawn Levy starring two of Hollywood's most talented comedians, that unashamedly funny Steve Carell and 30 Rock's Tina Fey. Date Night's all about the chemistry, comedy and catastrophe as these suburban marrieds take a trip into the city to "spice" things up. A light, funny and charming comedy caper comparable with The Out-of-Towners and The Hangover. Full Review...

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Calista Flockhart

It's Calista Flockhart!

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"The Mall Sucks." - Kalahari.net's Dark Side

Kalahari.net have thrown down the gauntlet with their latest dark comedy print ad campaign urging you to shop online so that your don't endanger your health. Ironically, their latest print media campaign is the sort of viral medium, mall fashion outlet YDE have made famous over the years with soft shock tactics presented in an unreal fashion. In this picture, a blonde woman slips on a wet floor and hits the ground head first... just one of several images, including a toilet seat, a bauble head trauma and someone getting stuck in a roundabout door.

The Mall Sucks - Kalahari.net

The campaign will obviously cut close to the bone for some people and especially shopping malls, which will also be competing for traffic in the post World Cup sales slump. Killing yourself at the mall brings to mind that story of the kid who jumped off a ledge to commit suicide in front of his girlfriend at Cavendish Square in Cape Town a year or so ago. Come to think of it, that flooring looks kind of familiar? If they were looking for a reaction... they've got one, so save a life and avoid your mall by shopping online with Kalahari.net. It won't kill you.


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