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Fan Friday: Alien (2-Disc) Box Set
Written by Spling   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 13:39

Alien Movie Poster
Alien is a film that people try to forget... not because it was bad, but because it's been replicated in so many Sci-Fi/Horrors that it has redefined the genre and claimed deep space. It's hard to watch a deep space science fiction movie and not think of at least one element from Alien.

The success of the film has led to a number of sequels and spin-offs, which have all managed to capture some of the spirit from the original. The film has been hugely influential. Ridley Scott's career is renowned for films like Alien and Blade Runner. Sigourney Weaver's acting portfolio has been defined by her brute role in the Alien saga.

Alien was a monumental film in it's time and the scream from that classic scary trailer, still reverberates today. Timeless cinema is hard to come by and it's that quality that has made the film so contemporary. The massive sets, the before-their-time special effects... the performances, direction... what is there not to like about the film?

Alien has been digitally-restored in all its glory with a second disc loaded with special features to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what went into the making of this Sci-Fi epic. This edition contains the original 1979 theatrical version and the 2003 Director's cut, digitally restored and recut by Ridley Scott himself!

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