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X Games 3D: The Movie
Genre Sport
Year: 2009

X-Games 3D: The Movie is a little unnecessary, given that the competition has already been aired. However, the sports documentary does offer some background to the event with interviews and sports footage from Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Kyle Loza, Ricky Carmichael, Danny Way, Bob Burnquist and narration from Emile Hirsch. The sports philosophy behind each X-Games luminary guides the behind-the-scenes build-up to their showcase event at the X-Games, whether it's Moto-X, rally driving, snowboarding or skateboarding. Each extreme sports event puts these athletes in danger, accomplishing risky stunts and pushing their bodies to the limit.

It's an extended advert for the X-Games and the 3D gimmick adds depth and a little wow factor, but doesn't quite justify the format. The big screen does most of the work in translating the size and gravity of the Moto-X high jump, reckless rally driving and the massive blood-curdling Big Air jumps. It's daredevil stuff... making movie stunts an extreme sport. The sports documentary style holds a steady pace and is interesting enough for a non-X fan. However, if you've seen the amazing competition footage already, it's a bit of a let down - especially when you're paying more to see the 3D experience. The 3D format isn't incredible enough to warrant a second viewing and the encore performance will only appeal to a few die-hard fans.

Add this to a lack of history for the event and few X-Games regular omissions and people that have access to the live X-Games will feel a little cheated after walking out of the film. Those looking for a little light sports escapism will love the death-defying feats and the in-you-face action. The half-pipe finale between Bob Burnquist, Jake Brown and Danny Way  is worth the wait and it's great to connect with some personalities in the X-Games, even if the documentary feels a little light on background content.

The bottom line: Dynamic.

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