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The Big Year
Genre Comedy

Just like birdwatching or more specifically birding, The Big Year is nice in the very best sense of the word. This comedy could have been irreverent, over-the-top and intent on destroying any vestige of respect for the nature lover's pastime. Or, it could have been reluctantly charming, embodying much of the hobby's gentle pleasures in a sweet-natured film.

It went for the latter, although the natural order of things would have us believe that casting Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black would've resulted in a farce. This is really the tragedy of The Big Year, which straddles the tightrope between comedy and drama. It's central characters are renowned for their larger-than-life roles and off-the-wall performances, which entrenchs false expectations of something in the vein of Caddyshack instead of something more attuned to the chipper meanderings of Larry Crowne.

Instead we're presented with a sweet story, which although competitive and comedic in nature, delivers a welcome message about life's priorities instead of laugh-a-minute hi-jinx. Birding is given due respect as our intrepid birders engage in a game of "oneupmanship" as they rack up sightings of over 700 bird species in a single year. There are moments when the comedy could have taken a detour, but it's pacing, performances and sneaky adventures are as pleasant as tea and scones with some light-hearted banter.

The bottom line: Nice

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