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Genre Comedy

Strikdas is a quirky South African romantic comedy, which has been punted as a family film. The story follows Willemien, a college student, whose life is turned upside down when she brings, Vossie, an eccentric bow tie wearing friend, home to meet her parents.

It's a lot of silly fun with Kaz McFadden undertaking a similar offbeat character to Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon, opposite Leandie du Randt as an elegant "boeremeisie". Their chemistry is opposites attract, which works in a buddy comedy way but doesn't really seem as strong when things evolve.

McFadden leans into his character with an energetic and surprising performance. While cementing his eccentric side and nurturing some empathy, the role is so "Boy in a Bubble" inaccessible that it becomes alienating instead of endearing.

The alienation factor and hot/cold chemistry opposite a reluctant performance from du Randt keep the audience at a distance. While one or two jokes land, Strikdas never really jels, making it seem like a series sketches built around everyone's friendly neighbourhood weirdo, Vossie.

Gys de Villiers and Sandra Kotze's presence is welcome in steadying the flurry of nonsense with more grounded characters. It's also good to see Sean-Marco Vorster tackling a supporting role as a jaded ex-boyfriend in a follow-up to Die Windpomp.

The quirky offbeat tone keeps it curiously entertaining and surprising as predictable plot points play out. The odd couple romantic comedy from Agent 2000: Die Laksman and Ek Joke Net 2 director, Stefan Nieuwoudt, is earnest and lightly amusing with a naive brand of comedy.

There are a number of good moments around Vossie's oddball family and perhaps they should've played them up more from the get-go. For all intents and purposes, Oupa Vorster is from Middle Earth or playing a life-size garden gnome, while the fruitcake doesn't fall far from the tree as Vossie's parents paint his back story with 50 shades of dreamcatcher kooky.

As the two distinctly different family clans clash, there's opportunity for some Meet the Fockers fun, but Strikdas never strays far from its unlikely romance roots. Unfortunately, the camp tone and alienating lead character leave little room for a real connection. It's lightly enjoyable and spirited but undermined by its disconnnectedness.

The bottom line: Off-balance

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