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Song for Marion
Genre Music

Song for Marion, also known as Unfinished Song, is a beautiful portrait of humanity in all its bashful inadequacy and soulful hilarity. Films about someone ailing are often difficult to watch as we suffer through the pain, anguish and anticipation of the end. Yet, Song for Marion is one of those gems that sparkles, despite being encrusted in all the dirt of life and death.

The story follows the journey of Arthur (Stamp), a grumpy old man, whose gloom has sucked the joy out of his marriage and family. Being prone to melancholy and pessimism is a difficult and lonely path, yet one that Arthur embraces along with the sad truth that his wife is dying. Marion (Redgrave), on the other hand, is a spirited woman whose zest for life almost makes up for Arthur's hermit tendencies. However, when she passes away, Arthur takes it upon himself to take her spot in an unconventional local choir.

Music has a way of getting to the heart of matters and while Song for Marion has plenty of funny one hit wonders from yesteryear, it balances them out with some truly soulful solos. Balance is something that this film gets right, managing to keep the drama in check with some solid performances, while keeping us amused with plenty of situational comedy and fun.

The recognisable starring cast includes: Terrence Stamp, Vanessa Redgrave and Gemma Arterton. Stamp has been in the business for decades, having earned a supporting Oscar nomination for Billy Budd in 1962. More recently, you'll recognise him from glorified cameos in films like Wanted and Yes Man. Song for Marion is a lead for Stamp, one that will put him back on the map, thanks to some great casting.

Then Vanessa Redgrave delivers a fine performance as titular star, Marion. She takes a fragile woman and turns her into a brave and cheerful character, whose wisdom and peace shine through. It's an integral setup role, one that Redgrave shares with Stamp as a co-lead, before making way for a fresh-faced and exuberant Gemma Arterton as Elizabeth.

While as formulaic in structure as many concert-based comedy dramas, Song for Marion manages to retain its sweet and touching core without dipping into melodrama. The performances are composed, the direction from Paul Andrew Williams isn't heavy-handed and everything is just able to slip into place as we journey with a disgruntled and restless man in mourning.

All in all, Song for Marion is an entertaining and heartwarming music drama with some beautifully bittersweet musical moments that bring tears of joy and sorrow. It's these moments that really bring the film to life, anchoring and capturing the essence of these complex beings. While quietly powerful, we welcome the sweet relief offered by dabs of comedy to lighten the overall tone.

The bottom line: Splendid

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