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Magic in the Moonlight
Genre Comedy

Magic in the Moonlight is an amusing comedy romance drama and mystery that toys with the Occult as a master magician and deeply rational man goes undercover to dispel a medium's incredible powers.

From the plot and movie title, you'd be forgiven for thinking this would be a fantasy film, but in the hands of Woody Allen, it's much more intimate as the alluring premise catapults us into a charming, quirky and light-hearted romantic jaunt with some dark dabs of mystery.

Colin Firth is in fighting form as an aloof, plucky, headstrong and self-involved master magician with an egotistical edge comparable with Frasier Crane. Emma Stone is enchanting as a charming psychic and mystic, whose surprising introduction and disarming manner, make the playful game of cat-and-mouse entertaining. The two have good chemistry, which blossoms under the spell of Woody Allen's quirky mix of comedy romance.

We're treated to a vista and story you'd expect to see inĀ Poirot, except instead of solving a murder or unveiling a mystery, our detective begins to fall for the prime suspect. The setting is beautiful, the backdrop is opulent and the journey of real versus unreal keeps you guessing as the two "enemies" become "friends".

Magic in the Moonlight does seem to wobble a bit in the third act as the grand reveal shakes the carefully laid foundations. However, it's not nearly enough to undermine the film, which teeters on the edge as its characters find their feet again and much-ado-about-nothing their way to an odd, yet not entirely satisfactory conclusion.

For a film about the dark arts, it's offhandedly funny, unassumingly romantic and makes for light, enjoyable entertainment. If you appreciate Woody Allen's quirky charm and love Poirot's "grey cell" mystery, Magic in the Moonlight will make a perfectly enjoyable and agreeable distraction.

The bottom line: Breezy

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