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Made of Honour
Genre Romance
Year: 2008

Made of Honour is yet another romantic comedy from the heart-shaped Hollywood trinket box. The film gets a few extra marks for tackling the “best man is better” and “best friend lovers” from a different angle, but nothing has really changed as a ladies man tries to win his best friend’s heart over after she asks him to be her Maid of Honour. The best man/maid of honour switch provides most of the comic material and tends to fuel the film to its lame conclusion.

The comedy is comprised of guy-doing-girl-stuff routines and you’ve got to be thankful that he didn’t wear anything resembling a dress or a kilt to the wedding. The film takes a different spin on every level, including a traditional Scottish wedding, but doesn’t cover the fact that it’s all been done before. Maid of Honour is your average “romcom” fluff, peppered with comedy and dusted with icing sugar. The movie is predictable and follows a similar path to My Best Friend’s Wedding with a focus on “comedy”. If you want something fresh, light and bubbly you could try Sprite Zero or better yet - 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl.

Patrick Dempsey was better in Enchanted, but does a good job of being the suitable suitor in Made of Honour. The character is wafer-thin and superficial, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling lonely. You have to admire his rugged determination to upset the balance of order, but it’s a book with dog-eared pages and coffee stains. Michelle Monaghan is perfectly cast as his best friend and the two have enough chemistry to make the match feasible. She also dons a flimsy character and it’s a little hard to believe that they weren’t able to “get it” over ten years of friendship. This feeds into the notion that “you don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone”.

Made of Honour is riddled with clichés and is as formulaic as a fish wife’s recipe for love. There are very few twists and it’s as contrived as a knight in shining armour sweeping a damsel off her feet as she picks up a four-leaf clover. If you wanted to veg out with bubbly comedy and romance with a slight twist then you’ll find solace in Made of Honour. If you’d rather ride the Tour de France without a bicycle seat than watch the personification of pink fluff - you’d better steer clear.

The bottom line: Cute.

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