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Hit Team
Genre Comedy

Hit Team is a dark comedy caper from director Mark Newton. The film follows the misadventures of an odd couple hit team, who are sent to Los Angeles to kill six people in one day. They find themselves being hunted by their Las Vegas mob boss and his goons after they miss a hit.

Nothing is serious or revered in the world of the ridiculous and somewhat distasteful Hit Team. This low budget hit man flick hurtles along at a quick pace with high-energy performances. It's like one of those short films scripted and voiced by kids, except they've grown up. The jokes are hit-and-miss, the tone is moronic and everything about Hit Team feels like it was originally intended to be animated. The insane, cartoonish antics make it seem as though everyone's role model is Ace Ventura.

It's goofy, over-the-top fun and you can't help but be impressed with how wholeheartedly every actor on the team is going with it. The naive tone and extreme silliness do start to wear thin and eventually you find yourself waiting for a wink to break the fourth wall. The high-energy idiocy is quite contagious as Hit Team enters the so-bad-its-almost-good category of film. Hit Team thrives on beautiful babes, coarse language, fart jokes, frequent references to necrophilia and some really over-the-top dialogue.

Screenwriter and co-lead, Myles McLane, plays the annoying yet pitiful Max. He's a reprobate, an ineffective hit man with the hots for his partner, Ruthie. McLane goes full tilt with animated expressions and boundless Jack Russell energy that keep him entertaining in a Dumb & Dumber kind of way. He's counterbalanced by a kick-ass "Nikita" in Ruthie, whose no-nonsense approach, perpetual job satisfaction and bodacious looks ironically just demand more unwanted attention.

The odd couple run through the City of Angels, creating more, as they pick off one target after another in the most idiotic fashion. Their wild gun-slinging and spree of kills is done with reckless abandon as they attract the attention of competing cop partners, who are just as certifiably insane. Max and Ruthie keep checking in with their musical mob boss, Michael Cunningham, played by Douglas Macpherson, whose Jon Lovitz vibe makes him adorably insane alongside his ditsy bunny.

Hit Team could be a lot of fun, especially if you're planning on inviting a bunch of friends round to watch a dumb movie on purpose. The manic energy and over-the-top antics do run their course, but it thrives on the amusement generated from seeing the filmmakers and cast sticking to their guns. There's not much gore, especially when you consider the number of kills, which are drawn out by much bungling.

This crime caper is nothing more than an excuse to be silly. It's entertaining by virtue of its enthusiastic bungling and animated hijinx, which help smooth its plethora of flaws from script to sound. There's a market for Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, so why can't they extend to wildly dumb caper comedies like Hit Team?

The bottom line: Idiotic




You can watch Hit Team here.

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