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Already Dead
Genre Thriller
Year: 2007

Already Dead is an average revenge thriller that doubles back on itself. After a man’s wife is brutalised and his son is murdered, he pays for the opportunity to be alone in a room with the killer. The cast aren’t extraordinary, apart from some familiar faces in Til Schweiger (King Arthur) and Christopher Plummer (Inside Man). Ron Eldard (House of Sand and Fog) leads the charge as Thomas Archer and is a fairly durable lead actor. He’s aided by Til Schweiger for the majority of the film and the two have some goof scenes together.

Already Dead starts off like Saw and develops into a Prison Break escape in the style of the video game, Black. The concept is fresh, despite its influences and cleverly whips up a plot involving corrupt cops, street justice and revenge. The film moves along at a medium pace as the story takes to the tunnels, after the deal goes sour. The hunter becomes the hunted and is pushed to trust his enemy in a desperate scramble to escape.

Already Dead is quite a slick production given the budgetary constraints. The movie is quite edgey to begin with, but starts to taper off at the halfway mark. The performances are decent, the set design and cinematography is consistent and the concept is clever. However, the execution isn’t satisfactory. The story is so busy trying to provide motive that it forgets to achieve its primary objection… revenge. Our hero doesn’t meter out the “justice” to alleviate his anger, and this presents a major problem.

They resolve this issue at the death, but its so sloppy that you almost wish they had ignored the hole altogether. The build up and action are exciting enough to keep one glued, although the script runs into cheese… and Swiss cheese at that. What could have been a great movie is ruined by cheesy lines, recurring memory footage and gaping holes. Already Dead is quite predictable and entertaining enough to be watchable. There are some scenes involving torture with violent conflict in the vein of Black. If you want a quick jab of mind-numbing suspense and action… Already Dead is your movie.

The bottom line: Blunt.

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